How Often Should I Get A Massage?

The most common question I get from my clients is, "How often should I get a massage?" The answer depends on the person asking the question and the benefits they hope to receive.

Here are the general guidelines I recommend: 

General Wellness

If you are a healthy person with no chronic discomfort or injuries, once a month is sufficient. This helps prevent injury and helps you become more aware and in tune with your body. Monthly massage also allows each massage to build upon the last so that you are not essentially starting over from scratch each time you come in. 

Treatment of Chronic Conditions

If you do have chronic discomfort (i.e., migraines, backaches, neck and shoulder aches) or are recovering from an injury, you will need more frequent massages to see lasting relief. A great example of this is exercising. What would you achieve if you excised only once a month (or every 6 months)? It takes frequent trips to the gym to see lasting results. 

When you come in for massage and go back to your regular life, the benefits from the massage last a few days. This doesn't mean you need to come in for massage every three days. During my client sessions, I strive to educate you about what is going on with your body and provide recommendations that will help minimize the reoccurrence of injury and discomfort.

When I see a client with a specific injury, such as sciatica, frequent sessions are necessary; typically weekly or biweekly. There are times I will refer these clients to another practitioner, such as a chiropractor, to work in conjunction with me to speed up the recovery process. To fully recover, you will need to follow the recommended treatment plan. Sciatica is a symptom, but there is an underlying cause to the problem that needs to be addressed to treat the symptom.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Massage is a necessary support system for athletes to maintain muscle health and flexibility. People preparing for athletic events or heavily involved in sports should receive massage once a week during intense training and less often, perhaps once a month, during the off-season. Massage helps athletes perform at their best, while helping to prevent injury.

Stress Relief

Studies show that the benefits of massage help combat stress, insomnia, and anxiety. People going through a particularly stressful situation or those leading high-stress lifestyles, should aim to receive a massage twice per month.

Long-Term Health

We live in a society that wants a quick-fix, but we also have to take responsibility for our long-term health and well-being. I understand that there are sometimes things preventing you from following through on scheduling massages, such as money and busy schedules. Think about the effects massage will have on your long-term health and well-being. What is that worth to you? Only you can make the decision to heal your body, and I am here to help facilitate the path to healing.

Please feel free to schedule your next appointment online. Massage packages are available for those who would like to receive frequent massage and save money. I look forward to hearing from you!         

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Fun Facts About Massage Therapy

Massage is regarded as one of the oldest health care services; it was used in ancient China, India, Japan, and Egypt. Nowadays, massage therapy is one of the most recognized medical services providing relief to people all over the world. Today, there are around 80 different types of massage treatments with emphasis on different conditions and parts of the body. Given how long massage therapy has been practiced, it is no wonder that it's mentioned throughout history. Today, many interesting things have been discovered about this medical practice such as: 

  • There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in skin and 3,000 on tip of the finger

  • Whenever we receive a massage our body releases endorphins; the body's natural pain killers

  • In Korea, only blind or visually impaired can practice massage

  • Thailand is also famous for their blind massage therapists

  • 60 minutes of massage has the same effect on your body as 8 hours of quality sleep

  • Egyptian tomb paintings show people being massaged

  • Julius Cesar used massage as a cure for epilepsy

  • Massage reduces our heart rate and lowers blood pressure

  • The sedentary lifestyle of most Americans guarantees low back pain

  • Bob Hope, who lived to be 100, credited massage therapy as his key to his longevity

  • Massage before an athletic event increases athletic performance and prevents injury

  • Massage increases lymphatic flow and strengthens the immune system

  • Massage is used to effectively treat depression and anxiety

  • Stress is the number one underlying cause of illness and massage therapy alleviates stress

  • Office workers who are massaged regularly are more alert, perform better and are less stressed than those who aren't massaged

Schedule an appointment with me to learn more fun facts about what massage can do for you! 

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