Reiki I
This class will include lecture and discussion on the history of Reiki, the flow of energy, chakras, as well as Eastern and Western applications of Reiki.  The weekend long class, also includes a private Reiki treatment, attunement, and time to interact with the flow of Reiki energy. Reiki I attunements have a 3 month cleansing period, after which, the student will be eligible for Reiki II. 
Cost $250

Reiki II
Reiki II is the continuation of our Reiki series and is termed "Oku Den" which means 'deeper knowledge'. Upon completion of this 3 month class, the student will be able to perform as a practitioner of Reiki. In order to achieve practitioner certification, the student will be required to complete 16 Reiki practice sessions with supervision of the instructor(s). Reiki II attunements have a 6-12 month cleansing period, after which the student is eligible for Reiki III.
Cost $750

Reiki III
Reiki III is the final installment in the Reiki class series. It is a 12 month course where we meet once a month to learn a new technique, which is to be practiced for the remainder of the month in sessions outside of class. Each student is required to complete 96 practice sessions in order to receive their Reiki Master Certification. The cleanse associated with this level of Reiki varies from person to person.
Cost $1,500    

How To Register?
To be eligible to participate in our Reiki series, you must have received a Reiki session from one of our Reiki Masters within the past three months. This is to ensure you are balanced, as well as mentally and emotionally prepared for the class and the cleansing process that comes with each attunement. If you have taken a Reiki class from a different instructor in the past and are looking to take the next level of training with us, please schedule an appointment to discuss your previous training and its potential congruence with our training.